Put Out Into the Deep

“Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

– JP2

The worst thing I have done in my life has been saying “good enough”.  Nothing has been more detrimental to my development as a student, a Christian, and a man.  I’ve settled for mediocrity again and again.  I’ve been lulled into quiet contentment, unwilling to make a change out of fear.  I’ll think that my life is good enough, but if I change it might not be quite as okay.  So many people think like this today.  Comfort has become the ultimate goal for our lives.  The path of least resistance is always the preferred course of action (or rather, inaction).

I’ve been living like this for a while.  I just live my life trying to seek out the next pleasure and avoid conflict.  I’ve been a coward, and a very unhappy one.  Even my quiet contentment fades away into fear and loneliness.  If this was the way man was supposed to live his life, I feel like our art would be much more bland.  We would read novels about avoiding arguments and getting frustrated over the misspelling of our names on Starbucks cups.  Gone would be the epic poetry of humanity to be replaced with works such as “The Brunch of the Light Brigade”.  But no, we relish adventure.  We may fear it, but we still desire it.  Our very nature is built with this innate desire to achieve and discover.  I don’t have to try and give you this desire, it’s already there.  Many of us just need it awakened.

God created man separate from the rest of creation.  As opposed to pantheism, we are all each “outside” of creation.  That is we are separate, individual beings.  This allows us to look upon the rest of creation and admire it, but also to conquer it.  We want to scale the highest mountain, vanquish the deadliest foe, and win the love of the fairest lady.  We just want to have an adventure.

Humans have a mind, body, and soul, as well as adventures to match.  We can delve into books written by the best teachers of humanity to learn the foundational truths about creation.  God gave us mountains to admire, but also to scale and conquer.  He gave us our desire for love so that we can embark on romantic adventures such that have captured the attention of some of history’s greatest poets.  However, the greatest adventure of all is to be a Saint.  To love God, defeat Satan, and make the climb to Paradise.

If you want to be happy, don’t be comfortable.  Don’t be content.  You have to take risks and be courageous.  You must climb the mountains in your life.  Go on an adventure.  Charge for the guns.  Put out into the Deep.



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