Hi and welcome to Ad Victoriam.  This is a Catholic blog with a strong emphasis on virtue and authentic masculinity written by two aspiring men.  Ad Victoriam means “To Victory”, victory being the final goal of conquering Satan and reaching Heaven.  Our slogan is a modified quote of the classic Johann Wolfgang von Goethe line that reads “You can’t always be a hero, but you can always be a Man.”  It inspires daily virtues that are the true building blocks of a true Man.  You can’t always be the knight in shining armor, but you can always be a man of character and faith.  That is what this blog is ultimately all about: building up virtue.  

So now we’ll each take a turn introducing each other.  I’m Ryan and I’ll be introducing one of the coolest people you’ll ever have the luck of getting to know: Lucas.  First off, the guy should skip the ceremony and just be canonized now.  He is devoted to his prayer life above all other things.  As a result, he has one of the strongest relationships with Our Lord that I’ve ever seen.  Lucas wants to go to seminary after he graduates high school to either be a parish priest or join a religious order.  He’s been a great friend and mentor to me for quite a long time and I’m sure he’ll continue to be that to many more people through this blog.

My name is Lucas and I have the pleasure of introducing my good friend, Ryan. Ryan is a strong Catholic young man who is committed to doing God’s will. He is a person that in the midst of evil, stays true to the faith. As a member of both Fraternus and HAWC, he lets his faith life grow in a good Catholic environment. Ryan will be soon going to college where he will continue the mission to understand God’s calling for his life. He has written a blog of his own in the past and is a very talented person. I hope that his talent and experience will continue to show through the publications on this blog.

So hopefully now you have a decent idea of who we are and what we’re about.  We really look forward to getting this going and can’t wait for what the future holds.

Thanks and God Bless,

– Lucas and Ryan


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